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Shift Your Space, Free Your Mind

Shift your space, free your mind

Helping you find sustainable organizing solutions for your kitchen & beyond

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Virtual services

We didn’t want location and distance to get in the way of you getting the tools you need to get organized. Our Virtual Services are a great resource if you are motivated to get organized but just don’t know where to start.


on site services

Sometimes we need more accountability to get organized. With my On-Site Service, we work one-on-one and we go through the entire process to get your kitchen organized together. By the end of my program, you will not only have an organized kitchen, but you’ll know how to keep it organized and how to apply what you learned to other rooms of your home.


Our Mission

Optimal Organization LLC empowers their clients to create sacred spaces that inspire major life transformations. By starting in the kitchen, the benefits spread to the other areas of the home. clients discover their organizational identity, get clear on their sacred space style and establish an environment that supports the entire family’s dynamics. Our process reduces tension and arguments between spouses and children, and makes the mundane activities something our clients look forward to.

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